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Fans of one of the most popular original series offered by Amazon Prime have been waiting with bated breath for the announcement of the premiere date of the highly anticipated third season of Mirzapur. This blog post will cover all the information that we have so far on when the third season of Mirzapur will be released, who will be returning to the cast, and what narrative lines to anticipate from the new episodes. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the upcoming third season of Mirzapur!



An Explanation of the City of Mirzapur


When it comes to the genre of Indian criminal thrillers, Mirzapur stands out as a standout among its peers. The dark and gritty depiction of the criminal underground in the Amazon Prime series has garnered a lot of positive feedback, and viewers can’t wait for the second season to premiere.


When exactly will the second season of Mirzapur be available to watch? The highly anticipated new season is broken down below, along with everything we currently know about it.


In November 2018, the first season of Mirzapur was made available on Amazon Prime Video, and almost immediately, it became a huge hit with viewers. The show tells the story of two brothers named Guddu and Bablu Pandit who to become involved in the underworld after coming into contact with the brutal mafia ruler, Akhandanand Tripathi. The plot of the show centres on the brothers’ journey into the criminal underworld.


The development of Season 2 is now underway, and its debut is anticipated to take place sometime in 2020. On the other hand, an official release date has not been disclosed as of yet.


Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, Vikrant Massey, Divyendu Sharma, Shweta Tripathi Sharma, Rasika Dugal, Harshita Gaur, Amit Sial, Sheeba Chaddha, and Anjum Sharma are among the actors that will appear in Mirzapur Season 2 as regular cast members.


Both Pankaj Tripathi and Ali Fazal will be returning to their respective roles on the show; Pankaj Tripathi will play the character of Akhandanand Tripathi alias Kaleen Bhaiya, and Ali Fazal will portray the role of Guddu Pandit once more. Also, Vikrant Massey will do it.


What exactly happens in the third season of Mirzapur?


The second season of Mirzapur ended with Munna Tripathi (Divyendu Sharma) being murdered by his own father, Akhandanand Tripathi. The third season of Mirzapur is scheduled to pick up where the second season left off (Pankaj Tripathi). This results in a struggle for dominance within the Tripathi family, as both Akhandanand’s wife Beena (played by Rasika Dugal) and Munna’s sister Guddu (played by Ali Fazal) want to be in charge of Mirzapur. The remainder of the season will consist of a fight for supremacy between the two camps, and there will be plenty of unexpected developments along the way.


Who Will Make an Appearance in Mirzapur Season 3?


The third season of Mirzapur is shaping out to be even more action-packed and dramatic than the previous two seasons combined. The following actors are scheduled to appear in future episodes of Season 3:


1) Pankaj Tripathi stars as the cruel don of Mirzapur, Akhandanand Tripathi, also known as Kaleen Bhaiya. Tripathi will do anything to maintain his hold on power.


2) Ali Fazal will play the role of Guddu Pandit, who is the vengeance-seeking son of Munna and who has pledged to bring Kaleen Bhaiya to justice.


3) Vikrant Massey as Bablu Pandit, the brother of Guddu, who is faithful and level-headed and who is caught in the centre of the fight.


4) Divyendu Sharma as Munna Tripathi, an unhinged and ambitious son of Kaleen Bhaiya who will do anything to prove himself to his father. Munna Tripathi is unbalanced and ambitious.


Shweta Tripathi will portray the role of Golu Gupta, who is Munna’s wife and a vital player in his plots.


6) Rasika Dugal will play the role of Beena Tripathi, the mother of Munna and Anjana as well as the wife of Akhandanand. She is a powerful woman who keeps her own things to herself.


7) Harshita Gaur will play the role of Dimple Dixit. Guddu’s love interest, Dimple, is also an essential component of Guddu’s strategy to bring down Kaleen Bhaiya.


When will the third season of Mirzapur be available to stream on Amazon Prime?


There is currently no specific date planned for the release of Season 3 of Mirzapur. Despite this, Amazon Prime has not yet confirmed that the series will continue with a third season. Because the conclusion of the second season of Mirzapur left viewers hanging in a significant way, it’s probable that Amazon Prime is holding off on making a decision regarding the third season until it sees how well the series does overall.


Considering this, it is highly likely that the third season of Mirzapur will premiere sometime in 2021. The premiere of the first season of Mirzapur took place in November 2018, and the premiere of the second season is scheduled to take place in October 2020. It is expected that the release schedule will remain the same for the third season of the series if Amazon Prime decides to renew it for a third season. Put the date on your calendars and get ready to start the countdown to the third season of Mirzapur!


Is there a teaser for Mirzapur’s Season 3?


There is not yet a trailer available for the third season of Mirzapur. Despite this, it is not impossible for there to be one in the future. The television show has been picked up for a third season, which means that it is only a matter of time until we are given a sneak peek at what lies ahead.


In the meantime, we do have some information at our disposal regarding the next season and what fans may anticipate from it. Puneet Krishna, the man behind the show, has stated that Season 3 will be “bigger and better” than the first two seasons combined. In addition to this, he dropped hints that the upcoming season will feature “a lot more action, a lot more drama, and a lot more suspense.”


In the meantime, while we wait for a trailer, you should make it a priority to watch Seasons 1 and 2 of Mirzapur if you haven’t already done so. In the meantime, keep an eye out for further details regarding Season 3 as they become available.


Where exactly can I watch the third season of Mirzapur online?


We’ve got you covered if you’re curious about where and how you can watch the third season of Mirzapur online. It has been announced that the much-awaited third season of the Amazon Prime series will make its debut on October 23, 2020.


You have a few options available to you if you want to watch the third season of Mirzapur online. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, the Amazon Prime Video app will allow you to stream the video at no additional cost. Even if you don’t already have an Amazon Prime membership, you can still watch Mirzapur season 3 by signing up for a free trial of Amazon Prime Video for a period of thirty days.


The third season of Mirzapur is also available to stream online via the Hotstar application. An Indian streaming service known as Hotstar provides users with access to a wide selection of films and television programmes to watch online. You can watch the third season of Mirzapur for free on Hotstar Premium if you sign up for a trial of the service for a week. If you decide to keep your subscription after the free trial period is over, you will be charged $9.99 per month starting the following month.


If you are a resident of India, the third season of Mirzapur is also available to stream on the Voot app. Another streaming service in India that provides a selection of films and television programmes is called Voot. In order to watch Mirzapur season 3, you can get a free trial of Voot Select for a week by signing up. If you decide to keep your subscription after the free trial period is over, you will be charged $299 per month beginning on the following billing cycle.




Amazon Prime’s Mirzapur is a hugely popular series that takes place in the criminal underground and follows the lives of a handful of characters as they try to make their way through it. We are quite excited to see what the third season has in store for us, and we are currently anticipating the announcement of its release date. There is little reason to doubt that fans will find Mirzapur Season 3 to be yet another exhilarating journey, given all the fascinating new revelations, turns, and surprises that have been made public so far. Keep an eye out for further updates on the news and the precise release date!

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