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Kisan 13th Installment 2023: Release Date and More

As an agriculturalist in India, It is essential to be informed of the most current information regarding the Government’s schemes and initiatives which aim to help and boost the agriculture sector. The Prime Minister’s Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, also known as PM-KISAN, is one of these projects. In this blog post, we’ll examine the release date and other details regarding this PM Kisan 13th installment, which will be released in 2023.

PM-KISAN Scheme: An Overview

The Government of India announced the PM-KISAN scheme in February 2019 to provide income support direct to marginal and small farmers. In this scheme, eligible farmers receive financial assistance worth Rs. 6000 annually, divided into three equal payments. 2,000 each. The financial assistance aims to assist farmers in meeting their agriculture requirements and enhancing their living conditions.

Release Date of PM Kisan 13th Installment:

The Government still needs to determine the publication date of the thirteenth volume of PM Kisan in 2023. Based on last year’s and previous year’s patterns, this installment would likely be distributed gradually over the year.

Keep in mind that the dates for release differ from state to state, and the Federal Government can provide complete information on the release dates through official channels. Farmers are encouraged to regularly visit the official PM-KISAN website, local agricultural departments, and local newspapers for the most recent information.

Eligibility Criteria for PM-KISAN Scheme:

To be eligible for the PM-KISAN scheme and qualify for the monthly installments, farmers need to satisfy the following eligibility requirements:

1. In the case of land ownership: The farmer must have the title to land that can be used for cultivation.

2. Small Landholdings: This program is for small and marginal farmers and has a landholding size ranging from 1 to 2 acres.

3. Age: This program has eligibility requirements for farmers before getting any benefits.

Registration Process for PM-KISAN Scheme:

Farmers who fulfill the criteria for eligibility are eligible to join the PM-KISAN scheme by using the following ways:

1. Online Registration: Visit PM-KISAN, then click the “New Farmer Registration” link. Complete the necessary information, including Aadhaar number, bank account information, and information about the landholding.

2. Online Registration: Farmers can sign up offline at the closest Common Service Center (CSC) or authorized government office. Kindly ensure that the necessary application form is filled out to its whole and that it is submitted along with all the required supporting materials.

Documents Required for PM-KISAN Scheme:

To finish an application for registration, farm workers will need to submit the required documents:

1. It is mandatory to have an Aadhaar card to register, as it serves as proof of identity.

2. documents for land ownership like lease agreements, land records, or any other pertinent evidence of land ownership.

3. Bank Account Information An active bank account passbook or statement that includes the name of the farmer, account number, and IFSC code.

PM Kisan Beneficiary Status 2023

DetailsPrime Minister Kisan 13th Installment 2023
Yearly Benefits 6000 Rs Per Year
PM 13th Kisan Installment Release Date27th Feb 2023
Started ByPM Narendra Modi
Official Website pmkisan.gov.in

Check the status of your 13th installment on pmkisan.gov.in

 It would help if you looked at the pm Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, an initiative of the Government to provide financial aid for farmers nationwide. Through this scheme, eligible farmers get monetary assistance of up to Rs. 6000 per year, divided into three installments. If you’re enrolled in this scheme, keeping track of your beneficiary’s status and information about your installment is vital.

To verify your status as a beneficiary of the PM Kisan program for verification you can check here :

 You can learn more about PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yajana by visiting its official website, which can be found here at pmkisan.gov.in. The website is the one-stop source for all the details related to the scheme. 

This step-by-step guide will show you how to verify the status of your beneficiary:

Step 1: Start your browser and visit pmkisan.gov.in.

Step 2: From the home page, go towards” Farmer Corner” on the homepage “Farmer Corner” section.

Step 3: Under “Farmer’s Corner,” click the “Beneficiary Status” option.

Step 4: A new page will open with a prompt to enter an Aadhaar code (or the number you use to access your bank account) along with your mobile number.

Step 5: Fill in the necessary information accurately, then click the “Get Data” button.

Step 6: The site will show Your PM Kisan Beneficiary Status, including details for installing 13.


The Prime Minister’s Kisan Samman Nidhi Yajana program has been vital in providing financial aid to the farmers of India. As Govement of India brings programs such as 13th and 14th Installment as well Through the implementation of this program, the farmers have been able to find a reliable income source to finance their agricultural ventures. By monitoring your beneficiary status frequently, you can be sure that you are receiving the financial assistance you’re entitled to under the Scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana?

A1: AM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana is a scheme of the Government that provides an amount of financial aid of Rs. 6000 per year to qualified agriculturalists in India.

Q2 How many payments have been paid under the Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana sponsored by the Prime Minister?

A2: The financial aid is given in three equally sized installments. 2000 each.

Q3: How do I find the status of my pm Kisan Beneficiary Status to the 13th installment of 2023?

A3: It is possible to confirm your status as a beneficiary by going to the official site of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana pmkisan.gov.in and following the steps mentioned previously.

Q4 What documentation is necessary to join the Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana sponsored by the Prime Minister?

A4: The primary document required for enrollment includes an Aadhaar card, accompanied by other supporting documents, like documents proving land ownership and bank account information.

Q: What do I do if I still need to receive the PM Kisan installment?

A: If you still need to receive the installment of the PM Kisan payment, your initial step is to verify your eligibility. Ensure that all of the requirements meet. Ensure you’ve completed your registration correctly and provided the correct information, such as Your Aadhaar ID number, Bank Account details, and land documents. It is essential to confirm that your application is accepted and approved.

Q: How can I determine eligibility under the PM Kisan scheme?

A: To verify your eligibility to participate in to be eligible for Kisan scheme, go to the PM Kisan website or call the helpline provided. You must supply your Aadhaar number or other pertinent information to confirm your eligibility.

Q What are the following procedures that I should do if the application is not accepted?

If your application was denied, the reason the application was denied must be identified as soon as possible. The most common reasons for refusal are inaccurate bank account information and land records that do not match or discrepancies in your data. If you can determine the cause and pinpoint the issue, you can fix it by applying it to the program.

Q: How do I fix issues involving incorrect bank account information?

A: If you need to give incorrect bank account information, call the PM Kisan helpline or go to the nearest PM Kisan center to correct your account information. It is crucial to have accurate and current bank account details to ensure smooth and efficient payment.

Q: What happens if my land records are different?

A: If you believe your land records need to be corrected, you must seek the appropriate authorities, like the Department of Revenue or the local Department of Agriculture, to update the information. They will help you navigate, making your land records more accurate and ensuring your dues’ smooth payment.

Q: How do I check what’s happening with my PM Kisan installment?

Ans: Check whether you are in the process of paying the payment to the PM Kisan installment; go to the PM Kisan website and sign into the system using the account’s Aadhaar number. In addition, you can seek help by phoning the PM Kisan helpline, which can be located on the Internet.

Q: What happens if I have completed all the required steps but still need to receive my payment?

A: If you’ve gone through all the steps and have yet to get an installment from PM Kisan installment, calling the helpline provided via the PM Kisan website is recommended. The helpline team will assist in resolving your issue and ensure you get the installment you are entitled to.

Q5 Does this PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana pleasant for all the farmers of India?

Ans: It is not true that the scheme only applies to marginal and small-scale farmers with cultivable land.
Keep in mind that it is essential to be patient during this process. The Government is dedicated to helping farmers and constantly works to streamline the disbursement process. Following the steps described above and seeking help when necessary, you can be sure that you will have a pleasant experience using Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana.

Disclaimer: Information contained in this article is intended for information only and is not meant to be taken as professional advice. To get the most current and accurate information, please visit the official website of PM Kisan website or call the helpline provided.

Keep in mind that staying up-to-date with your Status as PM Kisan Beneficiary status is vital for receiving the financial support you are entitled to. Go to pmkisan.gov.in today to check your position for the 13th installment.

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