self-reliant, earning more than most men

In today’s time, women have become self-reliant, earning more than most men and living their lives according to their choices. It’s not like before, when women were not allowed to do anything and were always bound to do the household work and take care of family. In older days, women used to get tattoos, but they did not have any choice in those times. However, as times have changed, many women are getting tattoos of their choice on their bodies.

Tattoos have been around for a long time, and there are a lot of designs a woman can choose from, like spiritual designs, butterfly designs, geometric designs, minimalist designs, etc. But one tattoo design that looks very beautiful and bold is the flower tattoo design. If we see most women choose a flower tattoo design to get inked on their body, but here comes the tricky part: which design should they go for? There are so many tattoo designs around flowers that one can get really confused before selecting their final design.

So, if you are someone who is in that stage of confusion when selecting a tattoo design, then you have come to the right article. In this article, I am going to suggest some flower tattoo designs that might be for you.


Lotus Flower Design:

We all know lotus grows in mud and still blooms like a most beautiful flower. It will be the best design choice for someone who has overcome any hard part of their life or some struggle in life and transformed all of their energy into strength and beauty. This design can also be for someone who likes to do yoga because the lotus also symbolizes purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. If you are someone who believes in spirituality, then you might also try this design because in Buddhism, the blooming of lotus petals symbolizes the opening of the heart.


Rose Flower Design:

This tattoo design is one of the most common yet very unique at the same time. This tattoo generally symbolizes passion, secrecy, hope, etc. There are so many roses of different colors and every one of them symbolizes something different. Like, a red rose symbolizes love and lust, a yellow rose symbolizes friendship, a black rose symbolizes loss or destruction, a white rose symbolizes peace and purity, a pink rose symbolizes happiness and grace, etc. You can choose the rose that goes best with your situation. No matter what color you choose to get your tattoo, it will be recognized instantly, and it will have some deep personal meaning for you.


Hibiscus Flower Design:

The Hibiscus flower is one of the most beautiful tattoos designs a woman can get. The bright colors of this flower look very charming. This flower is most famous in the Hawaiian region because people there often associate it with hospitality, power, and respect. If you ever go to Hawaii, you’ll notice the women there also wear flowers in their hair. In South Korean culture, it represents immorality and eternity. Any woman can get this tattoo design; after all, it is a beautiful flower.

Iris Flower Design:

If you are someone who is looking for a unique tattoo design that not many people have tried before, you can go for the Iris Flower Design. This flower is associated with wisdom, courage, royalty, and hope. In ancient times, Iris was also considered the goddess of rainbows in Greece; this flower was also planted over a woman’s grave so that the goddess would guide them to the heavens. This tattoo design is suitable for a woman who wants to pay tribute to a female friend she recently lost.


Daffodil Flower Design:

The daffodil is also known as the narcissus flower. It represents joy and optimism because this is the first flower to bloom after the cold and dark winter months in the spring. This flower is also a constant reminder that good things are coming in the future; you just have to wait for them. If you are a woman who is full of joy and very optimistic about life, then this tattoo will be an ideal choice for you.


  • Daisy Flower Design:

This flower design is for all the mothers out there because the daisy is a composite flower, meaning that there are two flowers in one. The daisy flower symbolizes purity, virtue, and loyal love. Daisy also has different colors, and every color is associated with something, like blue for emotions, yellow for enlightenment, and red for youthful energy. In Norse culture, daisies are associated with the goddesses of fertility, love, and beauty.


  • Lily Flower Design:

Lilies are the most romantic and feminine flower of all. The lily symbolizes modesty, rebirth, and royalty. In some cultures, it is associated with different things; in Chinese culture, lilies are the traditional wedding flower and are associated with bringing a lot of good luck and love. In Greek mythology, the lilies are associated with the goddess of motherhood and rebirth, Hera. If you are someone who can relate to or associate with such qualities, then this design is for you.


  • Japanese Flower Design:

The art of tattooing in Japan has been going on since an ancient time. The art of tattooing in Japan is known as irezumi, where the artists often use flowers to create unique and new designs. There are some Japanese flowers you want to look at, like cherry blossoms, known as sakura in Japanese. This flower represents the transience and beauty of life. The other flower is the chrysanthemum, also known as the “King of All Flowers,” which represents royalty and perfection.


So, these are some of the flower tattoo designs you can try if you are confused about your design. All of these flowers will look very elegant and beautiful on your body. Also, if you want to create something of your own with the flowers, you can be as creative as you want and also talk with your tattoo artist; he or she will suggest or make you the unique and best design that is only for you.

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